Saturn Tranist Makar Sankranti

Detailed Shani Report

Detailed Shani Report

Considering the effects the karmic planet Saturn is capable of casting in one’s life, it’s nearly impossible to ignore its existence. With so much riding on its nature, planet Saturn plays the disciplinarian amongst the 9 planets of Vedic Astrology. He knows when to reprimand for action against morals, and when to praise the good karma. This Shani Jayanti 2019 know the exact role of Saturn in your life with the Exclusive Shani Report by Shrinath Astrology. Learn what your future holds when it sits in the palms of Saturn and if it’s going to hamper your growth in life. In the Shani Report, you can either avail the Basic Shani Report or get a detailed answer to one of your queries along with the report in the format of Premium Shani Report. Get your Shani Dasha Predictions along with all the phases of Shani Sade Sati & Shani Dhaiya in your life!
Available: English, Hindi
Varients: Basic, Premium

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Basic Shani Report

The Basic version of the Shani Report comprises of 20+ pages and will have a detailed description of the planet Saturn and its effects in your life. With the Basic Shani Report you can figure out every problem of your life and could deal with all situations crippling your growth. With the help of remedies mentioned in this report, you can carve out a way to live a happy life. Planet Saturn plays an influential role in each facet of a native’s life and distinguishes if they can lead a prosperous living.

Basic Horoscope would be a part of this report
Favorable points of a person’s life would be included in this.
Planet reading of all the 9 planets residing in the kundli of a person.
The period in which the shani sade sati would arrive will be a part of this report.
Minor and major phases of the shani sade sati will also be described here.

Premium Shani Report

The Premium Shani Report works like a miracle for those in dire need of help. The report would comprise of a detailed Saturn reading along with a personalized Astrologer’s Consultation. You can ask a question that you have always had in mind and get a detailed answer from one of the India’s Top Astrologer Online.
Along with the Basic Shani Report, you will get a solution to your single query. The Premium Shani Report would include:

Basic Shani Report
Answer to your 1 query
Powerful remedies strictly based on your horoscope, recommended by the Astrologer
Affected areas of life by Saturn

Stay Updated With Our Services Of Your Monthly Horoscopes, Festivals Date/Time , Offers On Our Products And Puja Services.!


Stay Updated With Our Services Of Your Monthly Horoscopes, Festivals Date/Time, Offers On Our Products And Puja Services.!

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