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Panchak In Year 2018

Panchak In Year 2018

Published on: 2017-11-25 11:57:02     Written by: Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

What Is Panchak.?

Panchak means group of ‘Five’ Nakshatras In every month, it is the period of total five days when Moon transits from Aquarius & Meen zodiac respectively.

How Does Panchak Form?

Dhanishtha nakshatra (Last two charan (parts), Shatbhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada and Revati are the five Nakshatras principally four and a half Nakshatras are known as a Panchak. In other words the duration of placement of Moon in Aquarius or Pisces is known as Panchak. 

Panchak In Year 2018

Panchak In January 2018

Jan 19, 14:17 To 24 Jan, 08:34

Panchak In Febuary 2018

Feb 15, 20:39 To Feb 20 ,14:03

Panchak In March 2018

Mar 14,28:13 To Mar 19, 20:08

Panchak In April 2018

Apr 11, 12:37 To Apr 15, 28:05

Panchak In May 2018

May 08, 20:59 To May 13, 13:31

Panchak In June 2018

Jun 04, 28:33 To Jun 09, 23:10

Panchak In July 2018

Jul 02, 11:08 To Jul 07, 07:40

Jul 29 17:06 …

Panchak In August 2018

… To Aug 03, 14:25

Panchak In September 2018

Sep 22, 06:11 To Sep 26, 25:55

Panchak In October 2018

Oct 19, 14:02 To Oct 24, 0922

Panchak In November 2018

Nov, 15, 22:17 To Nov 20, 18:34

Panchak In December 2018

Dec 12, 30:11 To Dec 17, 28:17

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Jain Festivals In Year 2018

Jain Festivals In Year 2018

Published on: 2017-11-30 10:19:03     Written by: Gajanan Krishna Maharaj



15, Monday – Rishabhdev Ji Moksh

21, Sunday – Dashlakshan Start

30, Tuesday – Dashlakshan End


03 Saturday – Padma Prabhu Ji Moksh

06 Tuesday – Supravshnath Ji Moksh

12 Monday – Muni Suvrathanth Ji Moksh

20 Tuesday – Mallinath Ji  Moksh

22 Thursday – Asthanika Start, Chandraprabhu Ji Moksh


01 Thursday – Asthanika End

10 Saturday – Rishabhdev JI Janm

17 Saturday – Anant Naag JI Moksh, Arnath Ji Moksh

21 Wednesday – Dashlakshan Start

22 Thursday – Ajitnath Ji Moksh

23 Friday – Sambhavnath Ji  Moksh

27 Tuesday – Sumitnath Ji Moksh

29 Thursday – Mahavir Jayanti

30 Friday – Dashlakshan End


15 Sunday - Naminath Ji Moksh

16 Monday - Kunthunath Ji Moksh

18 Wednesday – Rishabhdev Aahar Day

21 Sunday – Abhinandannath Ji Moksh



14 Monday - Shantinath Ji Moksh


17 Sunday - Dharmanath Ji  Moksh

18 Monday – Shruthi Panchami


06 Friday – Vimalnath Ji Moksh

18 Wednesday – Mahavir Ji Garbh

19 Thursday – Neminath Ji Moksh

20 Friday – Asthanika Start

26 Thursday – Choumasi Choudas, Chaturmaas Start

27 Friday – Asthanika End

28 Saturday – Mahavir Shashan Jayanti


17 Friday - Parshavnath JI Moksh

26 Sunday – Shreyanshnath Ji Moksh


07 Friday – Paryushan Start

10 Monday – Samvatsari Mahaparv

13 Thursday – Paryushan End

14 Friday – Dashlakshan Prarambh, Rishi (Badi) Panchami

17 Monday – Pushpdant Ji Ji Moksh

19 Wednesday – Dhoop/Sughandh Dashmi

22 Saturday – Ratn Tray Start

23 Sunday – Anant Chaturdashi Vrat, Dashlakshan End, Vasupujya Moksh

25 Tuesday – Ratn Tray End

26 Wednesday – Kshamavani Parv


17 Wednesday – Shitalnath Ji Moksh


05 Monday – Chaturmaas End

07 Wednesday – Mahavir Nirvaan, Mahavir  Ji Moksh

08 Thursday – Jain Samvat(New Year) Start

 12 Monday – Gyaan Panchami

15 Thursday – Asthanika Start

23 Friday – Asthanika End

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Adhik Maas, Its Importance And  Adhik Maas In Year 2018

Adhik Maas, Its Importance And Adhik Maas In Year 2018

Published on: 2017-11-30 10:32:34     Written by: Gajanan Krishna Maharaj

The concept of adhik maas is unique to the tradictional hindu lunar calenders based on the cycles of the moon. A lunar month is around 29.5 days long. Now, a solar month, that is the usual calendar, is 30 to 31 days. The lunar year consists of 354 solar days and solar  year consists of 365 days. So, as uear pass by each lunar month starts earlier to the corresponding solar maonth. There is a difference of 11 days between the lunar and solar year. In every two or three solar years the difference between the two calenders becomes a full month or around 29 days. To Compensate and get the two calenders similar an extra month is added. Vasistha siddhanta, a tretise of sage vasishta, says that the adhik maas occurs after 32 months, 16 days and 8 ghadis. A ghadi is 24 minutes. During each lunar month, Sun ingress into a new sign. During Adhik Maas, there is no Sun ingression or the Surya Sankranti. This is specific to Adhik Maas. The calculation of this month is purely based on the difference that takes place between the solar calendar and the lunar calendar.

Mythology Behind Adhik Maas

As per legends, once Demon Hiranyakashipu had asked for a boon from lord Brahma that no man, animal, sura or asura should cause death to him; further he asked that he should not meet his death in any of the 12 months of the year, in the morning or at night, not inside the house nor outside it, neither by any weapon nor by any object. Bestowed with the boon, Demon Hiranyakashipu thought he had become immortal.

Later Demon Hiranyakashipu meet death at hands of Lord Narasimha who ripped his chest with the claws taking the form of half Lion and Half man , during Adhik Mass around sunset and at the threshold of the palace (neither inside nor outside). Therefore, during Adhik Maas no auspicious festive activity such as marriage, anushthan etc. are performed. Only naam japa, charity and Bhagavat katha, yagya is done.

Rituals Observed During Adhik Maas

During Adhik mass naam japa, charity, Bhagavat katha and yagya is done by sadhak to gains Physical strength, mental balance, firmness of thought and actions, calmness and spiritual satisfaction. The main significance of Adhik Maas is associated with spiritual enlightenment and deliverance from earthly sins.

During the entire month of Adhik Maas along with fasting, yagya and havan reciting Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Shrimad Bhagwat puran, Shri Vishnu Puran, Bhavishyottar Puran are carried out by devotees. These acts of spirituality bring ample of religious merit and bring transformation for the better in individuals.


Rectifying Doshas Of Horoscope In Adhik Maas

Any planetary dosh  in a horoscope can be regulated during  this month by performing yagya or havan. It is believed that this month holds a special place in the Hindu religion and, therefore, rectifying planetary effects during this month gives positive results 10 times better than performed during any other month as the vedic mantra says “Adhikasya Adhikam Falam”.

What To Do During Adhik Maas

Lord Vishnu, the preserver grants all wishes and desires, eradicates  sins of the past life and helps overcome evils. During this holy month one can chant lord Vishnu stotras like Vishnu sahastranaam, gopal sahastranaam, read srimad bahwgat mahapuran, srimad bahwgat geeta, gopi geet, yagnya of Vishnu panchayatan, shiv panchayatan, ganesh homam etc.

What Not To Do During Adhik Maas

During this month, one cannot perform any kaamik puja. No house warming ceremony (grah pravesh), marriage, new shop opening, new vehicle or accessories buying.

 Adhik Maas In Year 2018

There is an Adhik maas or an extra month which is in year 2018. This Adhik maas is also known as purushottam maas or mal maas . In the year 2018, this adhik maas is from 16 May 2018 to 13 June 2018.

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Sikh Festivals In Year 2018

Sikh Festivals In Year 2018

Published on: 2017-12-18 01:27:41     Written by: Gajanan Krishna Maharaj


29, Monday – Guru Harraay Jayanti


15, Thursday – Guru Harraay Guryaai

18, Sunday – Guru Amardas Guryaai

21, Wednesday – Guru Angad Dev Jyotijot

22, Thursday – Hargobind Singh Jyotijot

30, Friday – Guru Harkishan Singh Jyotijot, Guru Tej Bahadur Gurraai


05, Thursday – Guru Teg Bahadur Jayanti

07, Saturday – Guru Arjun Dev Jayanti

16, Monday – Guru Angad Dev Jayanti

30, Friday – Guru Harkishan Singh Jyotijot, Guru Tej Bahadur Gurrai


08, Tuesday – Guru Hargobind Guryaai


17, Sunday – Guru Arjundev Jyotijot

29, Thursday – Guru Hargobind Singh  Jayanti


06, Monday – Guru Karkishan Singh Jayanti


10, Monday – Guru Granth Sahib Jayanti

11, TuesdayGuru Arjun Dev Guryaai

12, Wednesday – Guru Ramdas Guryaai

 22, Saturday – Guru Ramdas Guryaai

25, Tuesday – Guru Amardas Jyotijot

30, Sunday – Guru Angad Dev Guryaai


04, Thursday – Guru Nanakdev Jyotijot

26, Friday – Ramdas Jayanti


02, Friday – Guru Harkishan Singh Guryaai, Guru Harraay Jyotijot

09, Friday – Guru Granth Sahib Guryaai

12, Monday – Guru Gobind Singh Jyotijot

23, Friday – Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti


10, Monday – Guru Gobind Singh Guryaai

12, Wednesday – Guru Tegbahadur Jayanti

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