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Published on: 11 January, 2020    

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The year 2020 is literally reaching, it's almost at the doorstep now. It will be a good and safe practice to get well acquainted with the facts which the year has to offer us. There are some really important events going to take place in 2020 which will directly have an impact on us and alter our future. Let's explore the events and some of the facts about them in a brief. Later, we might discuss them each elaborately. As of now, bear with us- it's only the events, stay blessed.


Events Followed by in the Year 2020

We'll start from the beginning of the year and move on slowly towards the end. So, the year is starting with an inauspicious event "The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer".


The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Date: 10th January

An inauspicious event where your days of fortune can suddenly come under threats. There can be issues with your health, relationships, family, finances, and career. A sudden change will take place just at the beginning of the year.


Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Date: 12th January

This event has been claimed as the most eventful event as these two planets ( Saturn and Pluto) have not met with each other like this in many years. The two planets are different from each other in many ways. Saturn symbolizes limits and boundaries, while Pluto is much controlled within. They both are meeting at Capricorn after almost 38 years which is assumed to bring a sudden drift in your life from the usual comfort zone to some other phase, where you will find the things a lot different than that of your current life. You will be forced to leave behind some things which were holding you back and move forward for something better.


Mercury Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius

Date:  From February 16th to March 9th

The planet Mercury will retrograde from Pisces towards Aquarius. It will spend most of its time within Pisces and will have a great impact on our social lives. You might face health issues and problems with your social buddies. Things around you can demotivate you. But, to avoid all sorts of negativity, get involved in some activities that give you energy.


Jupiter Sextile Neptune

Date: February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th

Neptune is the planet of fortune when meets Jupiter, they will have sextiles for three consecutive times. The event will be a blessing for us which will bring prosperity in our lives. It was 2011 when they both sextile the last. But this year it is happening three times, which is quite impressive. Make out the most to try your luck during these days of fortune.


Saturn Enters Aquarius

Date: March 21st & December 17th

A great period when the event takes places pouring energy to all the living being where you start realizing the inner strength and will power within yourself. You will feel to get rid of all the barriers and face the enormity of mankind. You will be kind and helping towards the world and society. The days will be auspicious all in true sense.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Date: April 4th, June 30th & November 12th

Jupiter is the luckiest planet in the solar system when meets Pluto brings fortune. This year they both will meet in Capricorn will truly become the rarest auspicious moments. Those three days, you will find yourself getting lucky. It is suggested to put together all your effort towards bringing luck, and you will find yourself successfully achieving your aim.


Venus Retrograde Gemini

Date: From May 13th to June 25th

This event will make your love life and relationship unstable. You may find someone new or may lose the existing relationship. There are chances of both. So, be loyal to your partner and take things very slowly and compassionately.


Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius

Date: June 5th

This is the moment that will allow you to disclose all the hidden truths to your friends, family, and partners. The energy around you will provide you with the power to disclose the hidden facts.


Mercury Retrograde Cancer

Date:  From June 18th to July 12th

The Mercury retrogrades will happen twice this year and on the Cancer. So, there will be issues across the Cancerian aspects where your personal life, health, relationships, and family will face problems. There will be misunderstandings with friends and family where there are also chances of facing a big financial crisis.


Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Date: June 21st

This year there will be two eclipses, and both will be on Cancer. The previous year had them on Capricorn. So, there will be a shift from Capricorn to Cancer, which may have some harmful effects on every individual.


Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Date: July 5th

This eclipse is going to be the final Cancer-Capricorn eclipse till the next phase in 2027. There will be a collision between family and your career. You need to handle things very patiently and with care. 


Mars Retrograde in Aries

Date:  September 9th to November 13th

During these retrograde events of Mars, you will get a chance to re-target your efforts and move it in the correct direction. Make the most out of this opportunity and re-organize your stuff towards your positive abilities. You can surely turn things on in your direction.


Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio & Libra

Date: From October 13th to November 3rd

Mercury will start retrograding from Scorpio and soon it will shift towards Libra. This shift from one zodiac to another will bring sudden changes to your lifestyle. It is very important to maintain the balance between your family, relationships, and career. Else, things can go wrong.


Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Date: November 30th

This event will bring sure consequences to your life. There will be ups and downs during this phase and you need to be very clear with people you live in that what exactly you want from life and make your statements very clear to your partner, friends, and family.


Complete Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Date: December 14th

The solar eclipse this year will be a full eclipse and it will make you see the actual truth. So be ready for all those hidden truths that are going to be revealed during this event.


Saturn Comes to Aquarius

Date: December 19th

When Saturn comes to Aquarius, you will try to cross all the boundaries of life and think more broadly for society and not for yourself. You will try to overcome all the limitations and feel to help others than being self-centered. A true moment to rejoice.


Jupiter Meets Saturn

Date: December 21st

Jupiter is the planet of fortune and luck. When it comes and meets Saturn in Aquarius, things will turn overwhelming. You will be so strong that you will gather all the power to change the world completely.  So, if you really can emerge strongly, then you can cash on this event and bring the success move towards your direction.


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