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Saturn Sadesati effects 2020

Published on: 14 December, 2019    

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Saturn Sadesati effects 2020

Saturn is the most dreaded of planets among people.No doubt he is the karma karaka and gives results of your karmas.

In the assembly of all planets, Saturn is the one who gives justice. Saturn is actually a karmic mirror. When you see a mirror at morning, you are able to see your face. In similar way, Saturn shows you a mirror in the form of fruits of your karma which can be good or bad. In kalpurush kundli, Saturn owns 10th and 11th house. 10th house shows the karmas you have to face in this life. 11th house being 2nd to 10th house shows the fruits of this karma. If karmas are good, then fruits will be favorable. Sometimes you might wonder what actually is KARMA?

In most simple language, I can say karmas are sum total of blessings and curses you have accumulated so far in all past births. These are sanchit karmas and they are depicted in 5th house of chart. The 2nd to 5th house shows our prarabhda which shows the karma we are destined to face in current life. We cant change our prarabhda. Now, let me tell you some interesting facts about Saturn.

Saturn represents longevity, servants, dreaded diseases and hospitals. As depicted in myths, Saturn is always looking downwards. It is actually giving us a beautiful lesson, BE HUMBLESaturn is son of Surya but it is not friendly to Surya .

Also, it debilitates in Aries (mesh) sign where Sun gets exalted.


Sade sati is a phase when the Saturn in transit comes in 12th ,1st and 2nd house from your natal moon.Let me explain with a help of an example. Suppose at the time a child’s birth, the moon is in Sagittarius. So Sagittarius is its moon sign.

Now transit Saturn (current position of Saturn) is in Sagittarius. So at the present time, that child is going through sadesati phase.

Sadesati is of about 7.5 years and ends as Saturn leaves 2nd from its sign.Sadesati is not always bad it can turn out to be good too. There are three charan or phases in Sadesati:

Rising phase

When Saturn enters 12th house from your moon sign, then it is called start of sadesati. Saturn will remain here for 2.5 years. Some classical texts also see human body as a karmic plane and says that when sadesati starts, Saturn is at our head. Regardless of the fact where our moon is placed, we feel burdened and frustrated during this time. It is a bad time for finances and investments also.

Peak phase

This phase is the most challenging as Saturn will transit from your natal moon. I am telling from my experiences that many people remain dis-satisfied and unhappy during this phase. There can be lot of setbacks in both personal and professional life. Things move at a snail’s speed and you might feel frustrated during this time.

Setting phase

This is the last phase of the sadesati i.e. when Saturn enters 2nd sign from your moon sign. According to some people, the first two phases takes away everything and third phase brings in life. But still Saturn is a hard task master and it will again try to teach you lessons which you have not yet learnt. Also, a person has become much strength through hardships therefore he could go through this last phase in a better way.



You may wonder why there is concept like sadesati? Well, I have explained you in introduction that Saturn is karma karaka. Therefore, Saturn not only represents our karma, it also has responsibility to give punishment or reward as per karma.Saturn can give the karma rewards in dasha, antardasha, prayantar dasha, sadesati, dhaiya etc.The concept of sadesati is related to karmic cycle as it comes after 30 years. Therefore, shani maharaj do the justice of our karmas after every 30 years.


Is SADESATI Always Bad

No, sadesati is always not bad.Take the example of our prime minister Shri Narendra Damordas Modi. He is Scorpio moon person. During general elections of 2014 and 2019, he was going through sadesati phase. You very well know that he was chosen as undisputed leader two times with full majority. Saturn sadesati was a fruitful time for Mr. Narendra modi as he was able to become prime minister of India. There are many businessman and industrialist who have found Saturn sadesati as a fortune enhancer.


What Is Shani Dhaiya ?

When Saturn transits 4th or 8th house from your moonsign,then it is called shani dhaiya.It is small form of sadesati as it can give problems but not same as Shani sadesati. Saturn dhaiya can result in health and financial problems mainly. Though the result may vary according to natal position of Saturn, therefore don’t jump to any conclusion.


Saurn Sadesati Results For Various Moon Signs

Saturn will enter its own sign Capricorn on January 24th,2020. Thus,I am happy to inform that sadesati will end for scorpio moon sign people. Also,Saturn dhaiya will end for Taurus and virgo moon sign.Now, I will discuss in details about moon signs which will be under influence of Saturn sadesati and dhaiya.



Sagittarius moon sign people will enter last or setting phase of sadesati. The last 2.5 years were really frustrating and unfruitful. But with Saturn moving into Capricorn, you will get much needed relief. Now it is going to your 2nd house aspecting your 4th ,8th and 11th house. You will have heated arguments with your family members as Saturn is in 2nd house. But you will surely get wealth during this period. Its aspect on 4th house can be harmful for mother’s health. Its aspect on 8th house can give you chronic diseases and health issues. So, you should take proper care of health in order to avoid any adverse situations. You can have some issues with bosses and colleagues due to 11th house aspect of Saturn. As Saturn will leave rahu-ketu axis, it will be definitely a better phase than Saturn transits Sagittarius. Be patient and you will definitely have a gradual improvement in your life.



Capricorn moon sign people will enter peak phase of sadesati. The peak phase of sadesati is the most frustrating period. Saturn is entering your 1st house and it will be aspecting your 3rd,7th and 10th house. The impact of Saturn will be maximum in areas of life relating to these houses. In this period, Saturn will teach you most tough lessons. Make sure that you don’t tell any lies, don’t deceive people during this phase. As Saturn has entered its own rashi only, Saturn will give its results more strictly. So at this time it is advised to be cautious and patient. You should do good karma and put more efforts for results. Also as it is in 1st house, you may get health matters. There may be frustrations related to your workplace and delays in promotion too. So, you have to have that patience to not give up. Saturn’s aspect on your 3rd house can bring you help from the servants such as drivers, maids and all people who are working for you. There may be delays in marriage due to aspect on 7th house. Fruits might be delayed but with patience and effort, you can get them.



For Aquarius moon sign people, sadesati will start from 24th January. As sadesati starts, you will start getting an idea or indications about the things which are going to come in your way. Saturn is a hard task master and it wants to teach us various lessons of life. This phase can be frustrating. Things may be delayed indefinitely, so you might think that things are going right way. I can only suggest you to have patience during this time. Work hard and put more efforts to get results. There can be health issues and hospitalisation also. As Saturn is transiting 12th house, there may be travels also. Your expenditures will rise tremendously. You should save money rather than being spendthrift. You might have disputes with your family members due to its aspect on 2nd house. You will be able to beat the competition and pay off your loans due to aspect on 6th house. You may move to foreign country or travel to far off places. Take care of your father’s health and take his advice. It is good time for students to travel abroad for studies.



Gemini moon sign people are facing Shani dhaiya during this period. Saturn is transiting 8th house from mars therefore it can give health issues. There can be coldness in romantic relationships. Concentrate on what you eat as you might eat wrong food due to its aspect on 8th house. This Saturn transit will definitely give you some upheavals and delays. There may be break in career. You have to put extra efforts for good results. There can be some delay in progeny also due to aspect on 5th house.



Libra moonsign people will suffer from shani dhaiya due to 4th house transit. Take care of your mothers health during this time. Saturn will be aspecting your 6th house helping you to pay off your loans. There can be issues relating to co-workers and bosses at workplace. Progress and promotion at workplace will be slowed down. It may be give you health problems and diseases. Look after your mental health as Saturn aspects your 1st house. Don’t take hasty decisions during this time.



Sadesati and dhaiya phases are challenging but you can minimise the negative aspects up to some extent doing remedies of Saturn.

I am giving you some simple remedies along with some behavioural guidelines to be followed.


1. As I have said above that Saturn is downward looking planet, so stay humble. Saturn wants you to control your ego and surrender.

2. Be honest and don’t deceit any person. As Saturn is a karma karaka, it will teach you harsh lessons if you indulge in doing bad karma.

3. Visit Saturn temple at least on Saturdays. If possible, visit daily and take blessings of Shani Maharaj.

4. Chant Shani mantra or read Shani chalisa daily. You can chant shani beej mantra or shani tantric mantra. Chant it 108 times daily in order to reap benefits.

5. Offering jal/water at shivling will also help mitigate adverse effects. Honouring Lord Shiva is of immense benefit to people who are suffering from sadesati as lord Shiva is prime deity for Saturn. He is the one who made him the planet of justice.

6. Saturn is a planet of service class people. Help the needy people.Dont abuse your servants or people who are working at level lower from yours.

7. Donation is the best remedy for Saturn. When you donate food and clothes to needy people, the affect of negative karmas mitigates.

8. Serve handicapped people regularly. Service don’t mean only giving material things to people. You can go to any organisation for blinds and help them gain knowledge also. The thing is our intention should be pure.

9. Yoga and meditation can be instrumental as they help us release negative energies and gain more positivity from nature. Its actually helpful in mental, physical and spiritual cleaning.

10. Follow the dharmic path in your life. Honour elderly people in your house and around you.This will help you in getting blessings of Saturn.


People today have misconception that remedy is only related to material things. I think you should give your money, energy and time with pure intention in order to reap benefits from any planet.

Don’t forget Saturn is the greatest teacher of cosmic truths. It teaches you many important lessons of life. He wants us to be disciplined and follow dharmic path. You need to understand the message behind Saturn’s lessons in order to lead a more fulfilled and happy life. Once you align your life desires with the message, you can achieve everything. Do your karma with pure intent and hard work.







































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