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All Remedies Report

All Remedies Report

Our problems never seem to cease. They have always been a force that drives us to find solutions and ask for a peaceful living. We move heaven and earth just to find solace for our hearts, unknowingly creating more of these problems. There comes a time in life when we’ve had enough of these and we find answers that have been one of the most proven ones. Wearing Rudraksha or a gem that’s suited to our horoscope has been a problem solver since ages. Shrinath Astrology has come up with reports, that are a sure shot way for you to find out the ways in which you can make a lemonade out of all the lemons that life throws at you.
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Varients: Basic, Premium

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Basic All Remedy Report

The most detailed and sought after remedial report in the market, The All Remedy Report brings the best of both worlds to the fore. Featuring a detailed analysis of both the Rudraksha Report and the Gem Report, it consists of 25+ pages. The extensive research that goes into it is proof enough of its accuracy and reliability.

Basic Horoscope Details
Rudraksha Role
Rudraksha Recommendation
Gem Selection
Detailed Gem Analysis
Gem Recommendation as per dasha

All Remedy Report with Consultancy

The Premium All Remedy Report consists of Sade Sati, and its remedies, Manglik Vichar, and Kaal Sarp Yoga with proper remedies to combat it. Gem Selection and analysis are also a major part of the report, along with the Rudraksha Report and how to wear it. Apart from these remedial report, Pitridosha Vichar and Remedies are also calculated as per your horoscope.

Complete Basic All Remedy Report
Personalised consultation with an astrologer
Detailed analysis of your question
Remedies prescribed by the expert himself

Stay Updated With Our Services Of Your Monthly Horoscopes, Festivals Date/Time , Offers On Our Products And Puja Services.!


Stay Updated With Our Services Of Your Monthly Horoscopes, Festivals Date/Time, Offers On Our Products And Puja Services.!

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